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Concrete Porches and Patios

man is flattening the concrete cement

Your porch or patio is an important part of your home. It is the first thing people see. It is where family and friends come together to eat or where your new neighbor comes to introduce themselves. This is can be a crucial part of your home’s overall design and the interactions that they play a role in. With concrete, the possibilities are endless with a significantly lower cost than some of the alternatives available, and with its durability, you need not worry about constant repairs. Concrete porches and Patios can give your home just the look that is needed to make your home look like something from a set of a Hollywood movie – and give you the memories to boot.


One thing porches and patios see a lot of, is foot traffic. From hosting your kid’s birthday party to enjoying your afternoon drink with friends. Your porch and patio need to be hardwearing, to save you from constant repairs. With the correct installation, concrete patios and porches have a long lifespan and are not vulnerable to scratches and weathering, unlike other mediums such as wood. In contrast to wood, concrete is not affected by water and is slip-resistant if treated. We at Fort Worth concrete services can offer you any design with our stamped and decorative options, with which we guarantee a longer lifespan. Give us a call today to discuss how we can make your concrete journey a happy one.

Why hire a professional?

We understand times are tough. We also understand that YouTube tutorials or Facebook community groups offer great DIY tips on many of the many things you can do around the house to save a quick buck. One thing is for certain; concrete services should be left to the professionals. In our experience, a DIY botched job can end up costing more in repairs than hiring an expert from day one. Our team knows how to avoid novice issues by ensuring the correct mixing of concrete, correctly assessing if there is a need for reinforcements, and allowing the correct curing process.

The look that you want

Here at Fort Worth Concrete Services, we love all things concrete, especially the many things that we can do with it - one, in particular, is our ability to turn something mundane into something that gives our customers that same love for concrete. Your porch is the first thing that you see when you arrive home and your patio is where guests connect. These spaces should be as aesthetically pleasing as they are pleasing to spend time on. That is why design is important - it allows you to be creative and show your own personality throughout your house. We offer a variety of different designs and textures to fit your unique personality.

What goes into building a high-quality concrete porch or patio? 

It is important to ensure that your porch or patio is secure and safe for those who use it. Our highly trained contractors guarantee this in every project that we take on. We begin by ensuring that the area is clear of debris, such as tree stumps, leaves, or sticks. We then ensure that there are no rodents or signs of animal life present on the site. After the ground has been leveled, we map out the shape of your patio or porch. Gravel is then placed inside this “map”, ensuring it is even. After all of this, we begin to pour the concrete into the form and a mold, texture, or color is added to create just the look that you wanted.

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