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Foundation Repair

under construction concrete floor

60% of all homes built on expansive soil have issues with foundation-distress and cracking. Issues crop up when only certain areas of the groundwork settle, causing an uneven foundation and resulting in damage and cracking to the concrete. Foundation cracks or any damage left untreated can lead to major structural damage to your home. This leads to more expensive and extensive repair methods being employed at a later stage. At Fort Worth concrete services our professional and trained contractors can assist you in repairing any damages before they cause major issues, saving you on time and money.

Why would I need foundation repair?

Damage to your foundation can cause stress and often leave you feeling clueless as to why there is any damage to begin with, as well as who to call to repair it. At Fort Worth Concrete Services, our friendly contractors are happy to assess foundation damage and determine how we can stop any further damage occurring within the structure. Foundation repair is necessary for a variety of potential issues. Some of these include; a foundation being built on improperly compacted fill soils, the area around the foundation having poor water drainage which may cause the ground to get soft and shift, tree roots growing too close to your home, or naturally caused damage such as earthquakes, floods or drought.

Signs of foundation problems 

Not all damage to the foundation is as obvious as big cracks or a pulling apart. There are more subtle signs to look out for that may help you determine when repairs are needed. It is important to keep a lookout for these small signs to ensure repairs are done before major structural damage is incurred. A few things that you should keep an eye out for are wall rotation, separation around windows or doors, cracks, displaced moldings, bulging doors or floors, and windows or doors not lining up or closing. If you have noticed one or more of these issues, call us and allow us to resolve the underlying cause.

Foundation repair methods 

There are two commonly called upon repair methods for foundation repair. The method employed depends on the type of damage caused or the reason behind the repairs being required. The first is slab jacking, where grout is pumped beneath the foundation to promote lifting, which forces restoration to the original height of the unit. The second is hydraulic jacking, where steel posts are driven through the unstable soil and jacks used to raise the concrete slabs affected. Although there are many options for repairs, Fort Worth Concrete Services will carefully assess the situation and damage and determine whether one of these two solutions or one of the many others is required for the best results.

Issues resulting from un-repaired foundation damage 

Foundation damage left untreated can have grave consequences for your home, which may result in expensive and extensive damage control being done at a later stage. Damage such as complete damage and ruin of the structure, unsightly cracks or separations, and equipment malfunctions.

Give our office a call today so we can assist you in repairing your concrete before a small problem becomes a much bigger, expensive one. Our friendly staff can offer you great advice and best practice guidelines for how to care for your concrete once repairs have been done.

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