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Stamped and Decorative Concrete

a nice wood inspired house

Stamped and Decorative concrete can turn a bland backyard, floor, or porch into something breath-taking. Here at Fort Worth concrete services, we can transform anything from your driveway to your poolside deck into a medium that you love; be it a wood finish for your porch, flagstone for your pool, or even your favorite football team’s logo spanning your entire entertainment area. All of this will also cost you a fraction as compared to alternative methods such as paving, decking, or tiling. Our professional and friendly staff can assist you in ascertaining what would be best suited to your needs as well as leave you and your wallet feeling happy, standing atop your new, high-quality concrete surface!

Design in Mind

The installation of Stamped concrete is done by pushing a rubber mold into wet concrete to achieve a desired texture or effect such as wood, slate, brick, tile, or flagstone. Color is achieved by adding color hardener, powder or liquid releasers, integral colors, or acid stains. These two methods are used in conjunction with each other to create something even more intricate. The flexibility of using both these methods hand-in-hand allows you to get a more detailed finish, which can include anything from a pattern or texture to a logo, emblem, or bespoke design.

Safety in mind

At Fort Worth Concrete Services, we care about you and your family, especially their safety. Whether your kids are running around the pool during the hot Texas summer or riding their bikes on your driveway; one loose brick can have serious repercussions. With stamped concrete not only can you get the same effect as using brick or wood, but you will not have to worry about splinters, tripping hazards, or other safety concerns. Hot Texas summers can make frying an egg on the sidewalk possible; with this in mind protecting yours, your families or your four-legged friend’s feet is important, concrete holds less heat making it cooler and smoother to walk on even when the Texas sun beats down hardest.

A longer-lasting product

When you are installing a new driveway, patio, pool deck, sidewalk, or interior flooring you want it to last with little effort to maintain. At Fort Worth Concrete Services, we understand that which is why our professional, licensed, and insured contractors always ensure that you receive a world-class finished product. With the correct installation and proper maintenance decorative or stamped concrete can last up to 25 years, which is why this is what we deliver – every single time.

Better on the bottom line 

Renovating or building a house can be expensive and all “the little things” cost a lot of money. Therefore, we want to help you to save; so that you can spend your spare change on the taps or light fittings you have had your eye on. With stamped and decorative concrete, you can get the desired effect of almost any medium at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. With a long lifespan and easy-to-make repairs, you will not be paying for your investment’s upkeep for years to come. Not only will we save you money, but stamped and decorative concrete can increase the resale value of your property, giving you a greater return on your investment in the future.

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